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To all residents of Milwaukee County District 13:

My name is Dan Herro and I have decided to run for the District 13 seat on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors for the term beginning April 2020.  My decision came as I was driving through District 13 and noticed an increase in abandoned homes and businesses.  I am not proud of the Estabrook Trail Ghost Train that crosses over Capitol Drive in Shorewood on a nightly basis for spectators to enjoy.  The discontinued industrial-commercial use of the railroad and celebration of its current recreational purpose brings no solace to the working class.

This bridge once transported goods manufactured in District 13 across Wisconsin and the US.  This bridge once carried supplies for the Estabrook Park WITI radio tower, the tallest man-made structure in the world at the time.  This bridge once carried the shell casings for Fat Man and Little Boy from Milwaukee’s own A.O. Smith Corporation, critical manufactured goods in ending World War II.  This bridge once represented the hard-working tradition of District 13 and it meant the exporting of goods on a regular basis, thriving businesses, and happy homes.

To me, the bridge is a metaphor for the current county leadership of District 13, which invests your hard-earned tax dollars for the entertainment and advancement of the wealthy, rather than funding critical services for all residents, including safety, education, job creation, and the manufacturing infrastructure that made Milwaukee the jewel of the Midwest during the first three-quarters of the 20th-century.

My platform is the will of the residents of District 13.  I am here to serve you, as I have been serving the Milwaukee community as an art teacher since 2008 and as a volunteer canvasser on multiple campaigns since 2015.  I look forward to our conversations on your doorsteps and in your homes when I begin to collect nomination signatures and canvass throughout District 13 from Fall 2019 – Spring 2020.  I would be honored to be selected by you to represent your concerns at the Milwaukee County level and my sole focus will be ensuring your hard-earned tax dollars are represented in services that matter to you.  I look forward to listening to you and taking action on your concerns.  This is the true purpose and process of democracy that has been missing from District 13 for a long time.  I look forward to meeting you at your door!


Dan Herro

Milwaukee County District 13 Resident

Art Room

As a resident of Milwaukee County District 13, do you feel you and your neighborhood are underrepresented?  I am interested in hearing how I can best represent your hard-earned tax dollars.  You work hard every day and it is my job to ensure your labor is honored through services supporting the stability and well-being of you and your community.

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